Be a Wildflowers HOME

Do your kiddos Love their studio time?

do they crave exploratory play and creation even when you can’t get to the studio (or it’s closed)?

Do you struggle to re-create those creative invitations in your busy life?

no fear! We gotcha covered!

here are three simple steps to build a creative wildflowers space in your home:

step one-gather materials we have compiled a list of supplies in each of our four wildflowers learning areas; sensory play, paint exploration, tinkering/building, and open ended art. the list will continue to grow as we find materials that we love. try starting with some basic art supplies and a 2-3 sensoy/building materials. most importantly–buy stuff that can be used over and over. one shot “crafts” rarely sustain attention for very long. visit our “GET THESE Supplies” page for a list of materials

step two organize materials. it’s so important to be able to reach for what you need when you need it. having a stock of quality materials ready to go can mean the difference between a beautiful creative experience and a chaotic flop.

for building and larger tinkering supplies, a sturdy bookshelf like this one puts it all within (an organized) reach

for smaller parts and art supplies, These two art carts have been a game changer in many households: medium size / large size

step three-designate a space for mess. what ever space you can afford to give up, do it. and that’s the space where messes are ok. it might be temporary or permanent depending on your living SITUATION. designate that area the creation zone. it’s super helpful if you have an old table that can get painty/gluey. this isn’t to say that flexibility won’t be needed at times, but it’s easy  to say, “let’s take that project to the creation zone.” indoor outdoor rugs are great for this space because they are an excellent building platform, generally inexpensive, and  wipe down easily! we love good messy play, but containing it saves our sanity! this is one of our favorites.