Creative Sessions


Children enrolled in Creative Sessions meet once a week for one twelve week semester; Fall, Winter, or Spring. We offer sessions for children who are toddlers up to middle school aged. Registration is required.

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Sessions provide:

  • Age appropriate activities, guided by a trained facilitator.
  • Guidance in learning activities using the Reggio Emilia style of teaching.  This provides children control over the direction of their learning through experiences of touching, moving, listening, and observing.
  • Connected invitations for learning based on an overarching  theme.
  • A learning environment that focuses on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community.
  • Consecutive sessions that allow for continuity of ideas and concepts, layering learning and granting students time and space to dig deep into work and play.

At Wildflowers, we feel that mess is often the avenue to beautiful creation. Parents and caregivers will appreciate that their children are able to explore limitless creativity-somewhere else! Thus, children should arrive in clothing that will be subject to MESS.

One parent was recently quoted:

“As someone with a background in early childhood education, I was blown away from the moment I walked through the doors. Sam and Lyndsy are fantastic and the space they have created is amazing. It is a rich environment filled with high quality open-ended materials. Everything is down at the child’s level–it is truly their world.  The children can play and explore freely. Nothing like this exists in this County!  I immediately bought a month long pass and recently my son started in one of their classes as well.  Every time we go, there are new materials and new themes. We meet friends there weekly–it’s a great place to connect!  I would highly recommend checking this place out! My family loves it!”
– Mom of 3.5 year old and 1 year old boys

Class Size

For children ages 3-4 years old staff to student ratio will not exceed 1:10, often two staff members will be present

For children ages 5-12 years old teacher to student ratio will not exceed 1:13, often two staff members will be present

Creative Sessions are divided into the following age groups:

Seedlings: Play and Learn (under 3 years) Toddler sessions are designed for children 18 months to two and a half years old accompanied by a caregiver. Facilitators guide toddlers and caregivers in exploration of the four fixed stations. Caregivers in the toddler sessions will be asked to remain in the work space so that they can be engaged observers of their children’s learning process, to patiently watch and guide as children interact with peers and with materials.

Homeschooling Arts Enrichment (ages 4 and up) Arts Enrichment sessions are designed to satisfy the State of Vermont fine arts requirement (and extend far beyond!) In each session, children are given time to explore four learning areas while facilitators guide them using the Reggio Emilia style of teaching.  In addition, children are guided through weekly projects that designed to help children dive deep into their play and work. The sessions allow for continuity of ideas and concepts while children  tinker, take apart, build, create and play, all while practicing fine motor skills and weaving in concepts of science and  math…..AND of course there is always fun, lively social interaction!

Mighty Makers  (ages 3-5) Sessions offer studio exploration time, followed by project time in a one and a half hour afternoon session. Children are guided through weekly projects designed with emphasis on the concepts of Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM) for preschoolers. 

Namaste Mondays (age 4-6 AND 7-12)  Mondays can be tough!! Give your child the gift of LETTING GO!!  This unique class combines 45 minutes of yoga instruction and 45 minutes of Open Ended Art!
Classes are divided into two age groups; 4years old-6 years old AND 7 years old-12 years old. Both age groups come from 3:30pm-5pm. while one group is doing yoga, the other is doing art….then they switch!

Builders and Creators Club (age 5 and up) Sessions are specifically designed for children enrolled in Kindergarten and up. Children are dropped off by bus or by parents. Free play and exploration time is provided first. In addition to free play, children are  guided through weekly projects designed with heavy emphasis on the concepts of Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM). Relative literature is incorporated into each session. B & C Club takes place AT THE STUDIO. We also have school-based enrichment available at many local schools.

Art Lab (ages 6 and up) Students will receive quality individual and group art instruction while exploring various art media that addresses the Elements and Principles of Art.  Students will then explore their ideas in a medium of their choosing. Students will work on longer open ended art projects of their choice or they may choose to try other mediums that are set for exploration . Students will be introduced to music that incorporates these ideas and to artists throughout history. Students will be guided through critiques in which they will give and receive constructive feedback on their own and others work. Additionally students may attend a special evening drop-in open studio to work on extended self designed art projects with Art Teacher Liz. At the end of 12 weeks a culminating show and reception will be held.



Fall Semester 2017




9am Sprouts      (9-12:30) Seedlings


Sprouts      (9-12:30) Field Trips Sprouts      (9-12:30)
10am  Home



 Therapeutic Group
1pm Mighty Makers


3pm Namaste Monday (3:30-5:00) Art Lab (3:30-5:30)  


Therapeutic Group (3:30-4:30)







6pm  Last Thursday of the Month: WILD FLOWERS AFTER DARK



is a SCHOOL YEAR LONG PROGRAM for ages 3-5

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday