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“As someone with a background in early childhood education, I was blown away from the moment I walked through the doors. Sam and Lyndsy are fantastic and the space they have created is amazing. It is a rich environment filled with high quality open-ended materials. Everything is down at the child’s level–it is truly their world.  The children can play and explore freely. Nothing like this exists in this County!  I immediately bought a month long pass and recently my son started in one of their classes as well.  Every time we go, there are new materials and new themes. We meet friends there weekly–it’s a great place to connect!  I would highly recommend checking this place out! My family loves it!”
– Mom of 3.5 year old and 1 year old boys


Creative Sessions 2018/2019:

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Sprouts Adventures in Art and Nature ( age 3-5) : Sprouts is a unique experience for preschoolers that runs September-June and follows the Essex school calendar. Children must be 3 before January 1st 2018. Preschool aged children in Sprouts enjoy studio time, outdoor exploration, community gatherings and classroom projects every day. The focus is to weave concepts of science, nature, math and literacy within a artistic framework. See our SPROUTS 2017 page for more details!

Toddler Time  Art & Music (under 3 years) Toddler sessions are designed for children UNDER the age of 3 accompanied by a caregiver. In addition to free form art, Miss Caitlyn plays her guitar at 10am!! NO NEED TO REGISTER

Home School Arts Enrichment (ages 5 and up) Arts Enrichment sessions are designed to satisfy the State of Vermont fine arts requirement (and extend far beyond!) In each session, children are given time to explore four learning areas while facilitators guide them using the Reggio Emilia style of teaching.  In addition, children are guided through weekly projects that designed to help children dive deep into their play and work. The sessions allow for continuity of ideas and concepts while children  tinker, take apart, build, create and play, all while practicing fine motor skills and weaving in concepts of science and  math…..AND of course there is always fun, lively social interaction! REGISTER HERE

Mighty Makers  (ages 3-5) Sessions offer studio exploration time, followed by project time in a one and a half hour afternoon session. Children are guided through weekly projects designed with emphasis on the concepts of Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM) for preschoolers. REGISTER HERE

After School Enrichment (ages 6-12) Students will receive quality individual and group

art instruction according to the theme of their workshops. Each day has a different focus:

*Monday: Paint and Play

* Tuesday: Artsy Science

*Wednesday: Tinker Club

*Thursday: Textile Workshops

*Friday: Nature Explorers

Students will work on individual open ended art/maker projects in addition to having ample time for independent exploration in the studio. Each day, time will also be spent outdoors and socializing during snack. Homework help is available upon request.REGISTER HERE


All Sessions provide:

  • Age appropriate activities, guided by a trained facilitator.
  • Guidance in learning activities using the Reggio Emilia style of teaching.  This provides children control over the direction of their learning through experiences of touching, moving, listening, and observing.
  • Connected invitations for learning based on an overarching  theme.
  • A learning environment that focuses on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community.
  • Consecutive sessions that allow for continuity of ideas and concepts, layering learning and granting students time and space to dig deep into work and play.

At Wildflowers, we feel that mess is often the avenue to beautiful creation. Parents and caregivers will appreciate that their children are able to explore limitless creativity-somewhere else! Thus, children should arrive in clothing that will be subject to MESS.

 Class Size

For children ages 3-4 years old staff to student ratio will not exceed 1:10, often two staff members will be present

For children ages 5-12 years old teacher to student ratio will not exceed 1:13, often two staff members will be present

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Fall Sessions 2018




9am Sprouts      (9-12:30) Toddler  TIme


Sprouts      (9-12:30)   Sprouts      (9-12:30)
10am   Music with Miss Caitlyn


Drop in! 


School Enrichment


1pm Mighty Makers



3pm Paint and Play


Artsy Science 3:30-5:30pm


Tinker Club









Nature Explorers 3:30-5:30pm




ALL AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES ARE FOR AGE 5 and up. Essex Residents may be dropped off by SCHOOL BUS!!!