Customer Reviews

The buzz……………………

“What a wonderful place you have created there at Wildflowers. The fact that we spent 3 hours there and the kids didn’t loose interest for even a minute is just amazing. Thank you so much for fostering such an inclusive, creative environment where kids are free to express themselves while us caregivers get to chill and chat with other adults!”—Jessica Burton

“This is a really unique place that is simply wonderful. The space is roomy and very clean. My 3 year old son loved finding interesting little gizmos and gadgets in every nook and cranny. I look forward to coming back with my other 5 year old son who will also love this place.”–Lauren Oneil

“What a great place for children to be able to use their imagination with hands on activities. So glad we checked it out! We will be going back regularly!!”–Jessie Mongeon–

“As someone with a background in early childhood education, I was blown away from the moment I walked through the doors. Sam and Lyndsy are fantastic and the space they have created is amazing. It is a rich environment filled with high quality open-ended materials. Everything is down at the child’s level–it is truly their world.  The children can play and explore freely. Nothing like this exists in this County!  I immediately bought a month long pass and recently my son started in one of their classes as well.  Every time we go, there are new materials and new themes. We meet friends there weekly–it’s a great place to connect!  I would highly recommend checking this place out! My family loves it!”- Mom of 3.5 year old and 1 year old boys


“We love this place! Wonderful space for children of all ages, thank you for putting it together!” –Teresa Fitzgerald

“I just can’t say enough good things about Lyndsy and Sam. My daughter had a hard time sharing today (which was a bit hard for me to watch since she is usually good about sharing). And Lyndsy just acted professionally and tried to include our daughter despite the challenges she was having today. My daughter also got some special one on one attention later in the day on a craft project. The use of materials is unique and exciting for the children. And the kids really feel like they are a part of something special. My hats are off to Lyndsy and Sam. Thank you for all that you do.” –Laura Bol

“Thank you so much for a great morning! (This is Tino before painting himself blue ) All the kids loved it and can’t wait for next week!” –Keri DiMarco

“I just wanted to tell you guys how amazing today was. I attended the open house with a recommendation of a friend who saw a facebook post. My 28 month old suffers from Sensory Processing Disorder and can be very unruly at times. In our 90 minutes at the studio my child was a completely different child. Your studio was so therapeutic for him, with so many sensory activities available to him. We plan on coming back frequently….I would recommend Wildflowers Studio to everyone I meet as I feel like this is the most amazing place I have EVER brought my boys to. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to check out such a wonderful space.” –Amanda TreynRas Bevins

“Awesome space for kids to tinker, create, explore and get messy! Can’t wait to go back with the kids. So happy to have another great place in the Burlington area to bring the kiddos.” –Jamie Cudney

“What a wonderful addition to our community led by two very skilled, energetic & creative women! We are anxiously awaiting letting our children come explore, tinker & create at the new studio!” –Angie Ferenc

We are certainly blessed to have you in our children’s lives.  Thank you for caring and sharing so much with all of us.” –JJ and his family