2018/2019 Creative Sessions

Age Class Duration Per Week


Pricing Per

Creative Session Trimester


Toddler TIME ART AND MUSIC 1 hour, caregiver must remain in studio $8/day drop in

$100 child for 12 week pass

Mighty Makers (3-5 years)

(Mondays 1pm)

1.5 hours $110 for 6 weeks

$200/child for 12 weeks




(Thursdays 9:30am)

2 hours $50/child for 3 weeks

$135 for 9 weeks

After School Programs

(Weekdays 3:30pm)

2 hours $20-25 per day

(M/W/F 9am)

3.5 hours–Year long (35 weeks)


Clay PLAY Workshop

(Thursdays 9:15)

1 Hour $40 for 3 weeks

10% sibling discount available.

10% discount for Wildflowers Members. 

Register online Here


One thought on “Pricing

  1. Ruby Souhan says:

    Do we need to book a session for our 19 mth old son or can we just come to the studio?
    Thanks!! Looking forward to checking out the studio!!


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